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A panel tank is a type of water storage tank made up of modular panels that are bolted together to form a larger tank structure. These panels can be made of different materials, such as steel, fiberglass, or concrete, and can be configured to create tanks of varying sizes and shapes.

Panel tanks are often used in locations where traditional concrete or steel tanks are difficult to transport or construct, or where space is limited. They are also preferred in areas where the water quality is poor or unreliable, as the panels can be coated with a protective layer to prevent contamination.

The modular design of panel tanks allows for easy installation, and they can be erected quickly and easily by trained professionals. They are also easy to dismantle and move if necessary, which makes them a popular choice for temporary water storage applications.

Panel tanks are commonly used for storing water for domestic, industrial, and agricultural purposes, as well as for firefighting and emergency response applications. They are a cost-effective and efficient solution for water storage in areas where traditional tanks may not be feasible.

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