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Setting the standard for complete and cost-efficient water storage tank solutions in the region.

With technical excellence and a solid presence across the United Arab Emirates since 1999, FIBER CONCEPT continues to cement itself as a leading water storage tank solutions company. As forerunners in the industry, we have set the standard in providing quality service and products to different customers in the region. Our services prioritize the need of unique designs catered to address different problems of relating to water storage. But unlike other companies, we aim to minimize down times and expenditures. We continue to curve our niche in the industry by providing uncompromising commitment to the quality of our products and services.  As a company highly oriented to excellence and efficiency, we guarantee to provide amicable and worthwhile business relationships with our clients.


Services that you can trust

Being in the industry for about 14 years, we have already made a name for ourselves and we continue to provide our genuine and top-quality service to every client that we handle. We ensure that all that the client’s needs are addressed properly and we complement this with our expertise and experience in the field. We offer the water storage related services from water tank repairing, water tank refurbishment, water tank relining, fiberglass (GRP) lining, fiberglass (GRP) pipe lamination, fiberglass (GRP) waterproofing, chemical tank repairing, and roof leak repairing. Should there are other services of related to water storage and repair, contact us so that we could give our assessments.


Products that can stand the test of time at superior quality

FIBER CONCEPT has a variety of water storage tanks at different capacities to meet different water storage problems. May it be for residential, commercial, or industrial, FIBER CONCEPT has the right kind of water storage container that you need. All of our tanks are designed to meet the intended specifications and is thoroughly tested and approved according to different water regulating bodies. We offer different water storage solutions such as:

  • Fiber Water Tanks
  • Panel Tanks
  • Poly Water Tanks
  • Sewerage Tanks
  • Box Tanks
  • Fiberglass ladders
  • And custom-made tanks.

Call Us Now! Our Team is always at your service

Call Us Now! Our Team is always at your service